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M2011. Yanni Voices 2019 Live From Acapulco (50G)

Mã phim: M2011
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Size: 50 GB
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1. Open
2. In Your Heart----Performed by children在你的心中---童声合唱
3. Enchantment----Performed by Nathan Pacheco只有爱(魔幻)
4. Desire----Performed by Ender Thomas爱的仪式(欲望)
5. Before the Night Ends----Performed by Leslie Mills在黑夜结束之前
6. Almost a Whisper----Performed by Nathan Pacheco实现梦想(低声细语)
7. Within Attraction
8. Change----Performed by Chloe Lowery
9. November Sky----Performed by Ender Thomas
10. Until the Last Moment----Performed by Ender Thomas and Chloe Lowery直到最后一刻
11. Duet----Performed by Jason and Sam
12. Theory of Everything----Performed by Leslie Mills
13. Tribute----Performed by Nathan Pacheco and Chloe Lowery庆典(颂歌)
14. Our Days----Performed by Leslie Mills & Chloe Lowery
15. En Silencio----Performed by Ender Thomas
16. Kill Me With Your Love----Performed by Chloe Lowery致命的爱
17.Adagio in C Minor----Performed by Nathan Pacheco
18.In the Mirror----Performed by Nathan Pacheco and Chloe Lowery你的眼睛(镜中)
19. The Keeper----Performed by Leslie Mills掌控者
20. Quédate Conmigo----Performed by Ender Thomas and Chloe Lowery
21. The Storm
22. Niki Nana----Performed by Chloe Lowery
23. Santorini

1. Ni la Fuerza del Destino----Performed by Cristian Castro (命运的神力)
2. Viviré Por Ti----Performed by Olga Tañón and Nathan Pacheco (为你而活)
3. Eterno es Este Amor----Performed by Lucero (此爱永恒)
4. Volver a Creer----Performed by José José (从头再来)


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