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M1767.Sting - Live At The Olympia Paris 2017 (25G)

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Sting Live at the Olympia Paris is presented on Blu-ray courtesy of Eagle Vision, an imprint of Eagle Rock Entertainment, and Universal Music Group with an AVC encoded 1080i transfer in 1.78:1. This is a rather interesting looking concert video, on that eschews some of the problematic red and blue lighting regimens that often add posterizing and banding to the visual presentation, offering instead some kind of sometimes odd looking brown hues that make things look almost sepia toned at times, as well as some lighter blue shadings. While detail levels are rather high throughout the presentation, especially in some of the extreme close-ups that are employed, some of these lighting choices do tend to tamp down fine detail levels. A tendency by the video director to aim the cameras directly at lighting arrays that are upstage of the performers also tends to add things like lens flare and refractions that also tend to blot out detail levels at times. That said, in more or less "normal" lighting situations, and when the camera is stationary, fine detail pops winningly, offering good looks at faces and instruments (is Sting's bass ever "weathered"!). Some very slight noise creeps into some of the darkest moments, typically more in shots of the audience than with regard to the on stage performers. 




Sting Live at the Olympia Paris features nice sounding DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and LPCM 2.0 mixes. This is a rather interesting backup band, featuring Dominic Miller on guitars, Josh Freese on drums, Rufus Miller on guitars and Percy Cardona on accordion, as well as backup vocals (and occasional help with guitars and some percussion instruments) by Joe Sumner, along with Diego Navaira and Jerry Fuentes of The Last Bandoleros. As such, as mentioned above in the main body of the review, the sound here is at least a bit on the "unplugged" side, offering high energy but not overly aggressive arrangements that feature Sting's often plaintive tenor surrounded by layers of appealing instrumentation. The surround mix offers excellent spaciousness and clear accountings across all frequency ranges. As tends to be the case on many of these concert releases, the stereo mix tends to elevate the vocals in the mix, but in this case there's really not that much difference in prioritization between the stereo and surround tracks. Fidelity is excellent and there are no problems of any kind to report.  





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